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Silkie Chick Update + Bath Time

Stop what you’re doing, right now, and watch this sweet silkie chick enjoy a quick bath and blow dry! This baby chick is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Silkie Chick Update The chicks are doing so well! They have adjusted to the brooder and learned to go up and down the ramp … Continue reading “Silkie Chick Update + Bath Time”

5 Chicken Keeping Essentials

Here are the five chicken keeping essentials I choose not to live without… 1. Dried Soldier Fly Larva Don’t knock it until you try it! Well.. I wouldn’t recommend you personally try it, but your chickens will absolutely love it! Think cat nip, but for chickens, with the added benefit of being a high protein … Continue reading “5 Chicken Keeping Essentials”

The BEST Iced Coffee Protein Shake

Don’t roll your eyes, I promise this easy-to-make Iced Coffee Protein Shake ACTUALLY tastes good… My morning routine usually goes a little something like…. Wake up at 7am, stumble over to my closet, stare at my clothes for about 3 minutes until I finally decide to throw on something decent enough for work. Head over … Continue reading “The BEST Iced Coffee Protein Shake”

Moving the chicks

We decided to move the chicks into the chick brooder and away from the mama hens last night. Upon doing so we realized the chicks could fit through the wire on the brooder coop. We have used this coop before with other chicks and not experienced this problem. I think because the mama hens were … Continue reading “Moving the chicks”


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