Lauren + Kevin - Simply Stillwell
Lauren + Kevin - Building a small homestead at Simply Stillwell

from the ground up

We are building our homestead on just under two acres of land in Georgia. I’m Lauren. Mama to two girls and a whole lot of chickens! My future hubs, Kevin, is the proud daddy of two boys and two dogs.

Kev and I both work full time jobs Monday through Friday. We are not an anomaly couple who stumbled on a bunch of land and quit their jobs. We are just trying to build our small homestead, teach our kids about enjoying the outdoors, and work toward becoming more independently sustainable in a world that is rapidly changing.

Obviously, part of sustainability is growing and raising your own food. I started my flock of chickens in 2019, not long after selling my “city” house and moving out to the “sticks”. Since 2019, I’ve experienced the many joys, and sometimes hardships, of being a chicken mama.

Our flock grew from 12 little ladies, to roughly 26 chickens all together, in 2022. And if you know anything about chicken math, you know that number is almost always growing.

In June we started building our second “big” coop and soon to be garden to make room for our new Silkie flock! I’m excited to take you on our new journey into Silkies and possibly becoming a small hatchery.

We not only enjoy our chickens and homesteading, but our family also spends a lot of time outdoors, camping, hiking, and we are forever looking for our next “project” to start working on.