Annie Banannie the “Farm” Dog

Meet Annie! She is our 5 year old dachshund, “farm” dog. Annie is relatively new to our home as she originally belonged to Kev’s mom, but has adjusted to the farm life pretty seamlessly. We did put her on a bit of a diet, I’m sure she misses the home cooked chicken and egg dinners her first mama used to cook her! She was more of a sausage dog, than a wiener dog, when she first arrived!

Annie, our dachshund farm dog.
Annie on porch duty means less chicken 💩 on the porch!

You can often find Annie keeping watch on our back porch. Up until Annie moved in, our free range flock had become pretty comfortable around our other dog, Rosco, to the point they forget they are still birds of prey. Annie has put a healthy awareness back in their little chickie minds. Although not rough, Annie will chase the chickens off our porch and out of her “perimeter.”